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Services provided 


Individual Therapy

In a warm, safe, and non-judgmental environment, I help people gain more insight into their feelings and emotional experiences, while learning new ways of coping and dealing with life difficulties. I support clients in their wellness journey by helping them feel more in control over their own lives, and get a better understanding of what they want for themselves. I meet with individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds struggling with mostly anxiety, depression, body image issues, and relationships issues.


In the past 10 years, I have observed more and more clients struggling with body image issues, probably due to the rise of social media, and the impact it has on the way we perceive ourselves. This has led me to specialize in Eating Disorders and body image issues as I wanted to help people regain confidence and accept their own body, while having a better relationship with food. From my professional experience, those who struggle with an Eating Disorder might also suffer from high anxiety, substance use issues, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder.


Whatever difficulties you're currently facing, or however stressed, depressed or stuck you might feel, we will work together to understand where this is coming from, and how to overcome life challenges.

Couples Therapy

I provide services to couples that are experiencing relationship distress and need some support in finding peace to deepen their connection. Starting couples therapy can be intimidating for one or both partners, which is why I am committed to create a safe and secure environment where couples can feel comfortable sharing personal matters, and feel that they can be vulnerable with each other.

I use attachment theory to help couples become aware of the impact of past experiences on their current difficulties and ways of being. Many problems can arise in partners sex life, financially or in family/friend relationships that usually has a base in each partner’s unique life history.


Together we will help you identify the cycle and the patterns you might find yourself stuck into. We will explore underlying vulnerabilities, and help you hear each other's concerns with compassion and empathy.

I also provide premarital counseling to help couples navigate the exciting, but often stressful time before a wedding.


Common relationship struggles

  • Lack of intimacy, affection, or connection

  • Communication issues

  • Reliability issue in the relationship

  • Extended Family conflicts

  •  Infidelity, trust issues, and betrayal


Family Therapy

As a Marriage and Family Therapist I was trained to understand the individual in the context of his/her family of origin. Working with families is the part of my job I enjoy the most, as I get to see the different dynamics at play, and hopefully help each family member feel heard, understood, and respected in their individuality.


For families who went through a recent trauma, I help each family member process their feelings with one another while promoting understanding and empathy. I help families create a safe place for each member to be vulnerable and feel supported by one another.


I also support families going through major life transitions such as parenthood, health/illness, life-stage adjustment, and loss.

French Therapist in New York
Thérapie en Français à New York
et en Californie

Je suis Psychologue de formation, avec une experience clinique en France et aux Etats-Unis. Expatriée depuis plus de 10 ans, je suis touchée par les problèmes reliés à l'expatriation, comme la différence culturelle, les pertes de repères, ou encore un chamboulement dans les relations sociales.


Je pense qu'il est important de pouvoir trouver une écoute et un soutient dans sa langue maternelle, c'est pourquoi je propose aux francophones une thérapie en Français.


De formation Psychanalytique, je propose un travail approfondi, où ensemble, nous explorons les maux du passé pour mieux vous comprendre dans le présent et faire des choix cohérents pour le futur.


Je propose des thérapies individuelles, du coaching, ainsi que des thérapies de couple.

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