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  • Elena Covo

Self-compassion in Eating Disorder recovery

“Self-compassion is simply giving the same kindness to ourselves that we would give to others.” Christopher Germer

In the context of my work at Cielo House, an Eating Disorder treatment facility located in California, I wrote a blog on the importance of self-compassion in the Eating Disorder recovery process.

In my work with patients suffering from anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorders, I quickly observed the kindness and the thoughtfulness of these clients towards other patients suffering from the same disorder. And yet, I also realized how severe and self-critical those clients were towards themselves. I thought, if only my clients could treat themselves the way they treat others,and if only they could see themselves the way they see others. This article emphasizes the importance of practicing positive self-talk and being self-compassionate as a way to heal the injured parts of the self.



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